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Dental Checkups & Dental Exams

Regular dental checkups are essential if you wish to maintain a healthy mouth and want to ensure your smile always looks its best. It is a comprehensive examination of your teeth, jaws, and all the tissues inside your mouth.

What is a Dental Checkup?

At every visit, we also review your medical history. We must know about any health conditions that could affect recommended dental treatments or procedures so we can ensure you always receive safe and appropriate treatment.

Most people will need to come and see our dentist at My New Jersey Dentist every six months for a complete dental exam. Here are some of the things we look for during your dental checkup.

  • Any signs of damage to teeth or tooth decay.
  • Early signs of cavities, such as soft spots in your tooth enamel.
  • The overall condition of your gums, where we check for signs of inflammation or gum recession that may indicate gum disease potentially leading to tooth and bone loss without treatment.
  • Changes to the soft tissues inside your mouth, like lumps and bumps or color changes that could require further investigation.
  • Sore spots or cysts or other suspicious growth.
  • The general condition of any dental restorations like fillings, crowns, and bridges, as these must be replaced periodically.
  • The overall arrangement of your teeth, such as how they bite together and how they are spaced.
  • The function of your temporomandibular joints hinging your lower jaw, and we check for any signs of tenderness, pain, or inflammation in these joints.
  • Signs of any disorders like clenching and grinding that can cause sore jaws, headaches, facial pain, and potentially lead to tooth loss.

Occasionally, we also carry out other checkups, including examining your neck area. Our dentist can gently feel your neck's lymph nodes and glands for any signs of inflammation that could indicate other health problems.


Dental X-Rays

You will need dental x-rays periodically, but probably not at every dental appointment. Most people only require dental x-rays every two years to monitor their oral health.

We take digital dental x-rays using modern, well-maintained equipment that only emits tiny levels of radiation. Dental x-rays are only taken when necessary; the benefits far outweigh the small risks, for example, when someone has a problem that is causing them pain or discomfort or where we suspect an issue with part of the tooth or the jaw hidden from view.

When Would I Need Dental X-Rays?

Dental x-rays are taken to check for problems that include the following.

  1. Cavities in between teeth or an infection in a tooth root.
  2. The condition of teeth beneath the gum so we can check for any signs of fractures in a tooth or root.
  3. Cavities under existing fillings that have begun to age and leak.
  4. Check teeth that have yet to erupt or that could be impacted, such as wisdom teeth.
  5. Plan treatments such as orthodontics, dental implants, or root canal therapy.

These areas are hidden from view, so x-rays are invaluable in identifying problems.

Various types of x-rays are available, including bitewings showing just a single tooth and tooth root and panoramic x-rays showing a complete 2-D view of your jaws and teeth. 3-D digital x-rays like a cone beam CT scan are required less frequently, usually in preparation for wisdom tooth removal or for dental implant placement.


What To Expect When You Come And See Our Dentist for A Checkup?

You can expect us to cover the following topics during your comprehensive dental exam.

Reviewing Your Dental and Medical History

When you visit us for your routine checkup, let us know of any changes to your medical health and if you are taking any new medications. We must be informed if you are pregnant, think pregnancy is a possibility, or have developed any allergies. We will ask you about any changes you've noticed to your teeth, such as any discomfort or changes in how they bite together or problems such as bleeding when you brush or floss.


Examining Your Mouth

A dental checkup is merely an examination, so we won't provide any treatment. If you are especially nervous or anxious, you can rest assured that the visit should be entirely painless and comfortable. If necessary, we will take dental x-rays or might take photographs inside your mouth using a tiny handheld camera. 


Results and Advice

After examining your mouth, we can discuss our findings with you. We can show you diagnostic images on-screen in our treatment rooms. These can be invaluable when explaining potential problems and recommended treatments


Further Discussions

Our dentist will allow plenty of time to answer your questions, so please feel free to discuss any concerns about your oral health. If you don't understand an explanation, be sure to let us know, as we realize that sometimes there can be a lot of information to take in

We want to ensure that when you leave our practice, you understand any potential problems or recommendations we make to help protect and improve your oral health.


Scheduling Future Visits

The final step is to schedule your future visits to our dental office. If we have recommended a treatment plan and you have accepted this plan, we can get you booked in. Otherwise, we thoroughly recommend booking your next dental checkup well in advance. Scheduling early ensures you can get the time that suits you and put the date in your diary.

Everyone can benefit from regular dental checkups. They allow dentists to carefully monitor your oral health and detect small changes. When we can provide any necessary treatment earlier, it's likely cheaper, less invasive, and quicker to complete. It also helps reduce the risk of dental emergencies and needing to contact a dentist outside of office hours. 

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