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Periodontal dental surgery can correct several different dental problems. These include reshaping gums and changing and improving their appearance. Treatments such as gum contouring can cosmetically improve the appearance of gums but may provide other health benefits as well.

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Crown lengthening exposes more of the natural tooth for restoration and is necessary if a tooth is “>damaged near the gum line. Afterward, it is easier to restore teeth with crowns or veneers.

Our periodontics specialist can provide these treatments using the most advanced procedures and technologies.

What Is Gum Contouring?

Gum Contouring NJGum contouring is a process that removes and reshapes the gumline. Some people have a “gummy smile” where their teeth appear too short. Others may have an uneven gum line, detracting from an otherwise nice smile. Treatment removes excess gum tissue, carefully reshaping it to create a more uniformly appealing and sometimes healthier smile.

When Would I Need Gum Contouring?

You may need this cosmetic dental surgery in Hackensack if you have the following problems:

  • Show an excess of gum tissue when smiling.
  • Have an uneven gumline.
  • Gums have overgrown following orthodontic treatment.

Who Can Have Gum Contouring?

You will need an initial evaluation with our periodontist to discuss your treatment goals. They will assess your gum health and may take photographs or require digital dental x-rays. You must have good oral health before any gum contouring procedure, so our periodontist will ensure you do not have any signs of gum disease or cavities.

Our periodontist can also assess why you have a gummy smile and ensure treatment is appropriate. Sometimes, a gummy smile is due to other issues, such as an overactive muscle in your upper lip that moves the upper lip too far upward when you smile. In this case, a different treatment approach would be required.

How Is Gum Contouring Planned?

If gum contouring is appropriate, the next step is to evaluate how much gum tissue must be removed. Various factors must be considered, like the position of your lips and facial structure, as they are important to achieve the right balance and symmetry. Removing a small amount of bone from around the teeth may be necessary to achieve better results.

What To Expect If You Have Gum Reshaping Treatment?

Depending on how many teeth require treatment, the procedure can take one or two hours to complete. Before beginning treatment, you will receive a local anesthetic to numb your gums. Your periodontist will use a special pen to mark up your gums, identifying your new gumline.

There are two ways to remove the excess tissue; traditionally, it is cut away using a scalpel. However, laser gum surgery is extremely accurate and more comfortable. Using a dental laser, we can precisely remove the right amount of gum tissue.

As the laser removes the tissue, it seals any blood vessels cut, a process called thermal coagulation. Thermal coagulation helps ensure faster and smoother healing afterward and less risk of infection. It also minimizes other side effects like swelling and discomfort is reduced.

What to Expect After Gum Contouring?

  • Once the anesthetic wears off, you may experience some mild soreness or discomfort. These symptoms should be easily controlled with over-the-counter painkillers. If we have prescribed antibiotics, please take them as directed and complete the course.
  • It is best to take it easy for the first few days afterward and gradually return to your normal everyday routine.
  • It’s important to keep your mouth clean, and we will provide detailed instructions on how to brush and floss your teeth gently. We may also recommend using an antibacterial mouthwash.
  • When your gums heal, eat softer foods like cooked vegetables, pasta, mashed potatoes, eggs, and yogurt. Avoid anything hard, crunchy, or spicy for about a week afterward.

You will need to return to our dental office so we can assess the results. We prefer to take a cautious approach to gum recontouring, only removing a minimal amount of gum tissue needed to create a better oral environment and improved cosmetic appearance. We can always touch up the results if necessary to achieve a great outcome.

While gum reshaping is often regarded as a cosmetic dental surgery treatment, it can create a healthier oral environment, making it easier to maintain stronger and healthier gums.

What is Crown Lengthening?

Crown lengthening is a common procedure that can help teeth that are broken and where emergency dental surgery may be necessary to restore the tooth. It is used to recontour gum tissue and sometimes the bone surrounding the tooth, exposing more of the tooth in preparation for crowning.

A dental crown fits over a natural tooth, covering it entirely, and can be used for cosmetic purposes or to restore a tooth that is severely damaged. Sometimes, little natural structure is left on which to place a dental crown securely, which is when crown lengthening can be useful. It can also be used as a cosmetic dental surgery treatment. Increasing the amount of tooth exposed ensures crowns and veneers look more aesthetically pleasing.

Who Can Have Crown Lengthening?

If you need this treatment, you must meet with our periodontist so they can assess the tooth, take digital dental x-rays, and ensure you are suitable for treatment. They will discuss the procedure in more detail so you know what to expect. In the meantime, you may be fitted with a temporary crown to protect your damaged tooth. Placing a temporary crown can also make it easier to fit a new crown afterward.

What Is the Procedure for Crown Lengthening?

A crown lengthening procedure is straightforward and can be completed using a local anesthetic to numb the tooth completely. If needed, we can discuss sedation dentistry, which may be suggested if the bone around the tooth needs reshaping, or it can help anyone who feels a little more anxious about having this procedure.

During treatment, the gum tissue is removed carefully. If necessary, the bone surrounding the tooth is reshaped. Your gums may be stitched together, and a surgical bandage may be placed over the area for additional protection. Stitches might be unnecessary if the procedure is completed using laser dentistry.

What to Expect after Crown Lengthening?

We will provide complete post-operative care instructions before you leave the dental office. Carefully following them is important so healing can proceed smoothly and uneventfully.

  • Afterward, your teeth may feel slightly more sensitive, especially when you have anything warmer or colder. Ideally, avoid eating anything very hot for the first 24 hours afterward.
  • Your tooth may look longer than before. If we had to remove bone from around it, it might feel a little looser initially.
  • If we have prescribed any medications or antibiotics, please take them as directed and be sure to complete the course of antibiotics.
  • Brush and gently floss teeth near the surgery site and avoid biting or chewing on these teeth.
  • Eat softer foods initially, and avoid anything very hard or sticky or that contains nuts and seeds that could become stuck in your gums.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol while your gums are healing.
  • If you experience facial swelling, use an ice pack to reduce it. Switch to using moist heat after the first couple of days.

Although tempting, try not to fiddle with the dental surgery site with your tongue or finger. Any pressure could cause damage.

Gum contouring and crown lengthening are common cosmetic dental surgery treatments in Hackensack, NJ with a good success rate. Our periodontist is experienced in performing these procedures.

Treatment and healing should go smoothly, provided you follow our after-care instructions closely. However, if you have concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact My New Jersey Dentist. We can provide immediate advice over the phone and schedule an appointment for you to see your dentist if necessary.

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